Copied From Book "C" Of Transcribed Records, Pages 176 To 204, Covering Years 1809 To 1850

(EDITOR'S NOTE. The foregoing list is valuable for research work in not only Wayne County, but in adjoining counties as well. The importance is emphasized by the fact that the old records for the same period of Ware, Appling and other adjoining counties have been destroyed. (No attempt was made to arrange them alphabetically, but they are given in their order as recorded. The groom's name comes first, next the bride, then the date of the marriage, and the name of the minister or officiating officer. "J. P." means "Justice of Peace;" "M. G." is "Minister of the Gospel;" "J. I. C," "Justice of Inferior Court;" "L. D., M. E. C." means "Local Deacon, Methodist Episcopal Church." Where the date of the marriage is not given, the date of the issuance of the license is shown.

1. Stephen Browning to Mrs. Mary Johnson, October 26, 1809, by Richard Walker.
2. Richard Liverett to Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, September 1, 1809, A. B. Powell.
3. Thomas Altman to Lucy Leigh, October 12, 1809, by James Jones, J. P.
4. Dolphin Fairchild to Mary Grantham, May 17, 1810, 4 p. m., Allen B. Powell.
5. Sherod Sheffield to Miss Elizabeth Kemp, November 22, 1810. Jos. Joyner, J. P.
6. Even Jones to Delitha Amnions. No date. Moses Morrison, J. P. N. B., License issued October 25, 1810. Recorded February 10, 1811.
7. William Wallace to Lydia Parrott, November 20, 1810, Moses Harrison, J. P.
8. Matthew Carter to Naomi Tison, August 4, 1811. Moses Harrison, J. P.
9. John Moore to Mary (Nancy in return) O'Steen, November 20, 1811. Moses Harrison, J. P.
10. Anguish McDonald to Sarah Grantham, November 12, 1812. Benj. Dulany, M. E. C. M. G.
11. James Leigh to Nancy Harper, July 25, 1811, William Stafford, J. P.
12. William Walker to Ann Kernals (Nancy Cornels), November 20, 1811, Wm. Stafford.
13. John (James) Harper to Mrs. Mary Smith, November 3, 1811. Wm. Stafford, J. P.
14. Robert Smith to Susannah Rozier, December 20, 1810. Wm. Stafford, J. P.
15. Elijah Tucker to Martha O'Neal in December, 1810. Wm. Stafford, J. P.
16. Joseph Rumph to Rutha Harper, August 5, 1812. Wm. Stafford, J. P.
17. Alexander Stapleton to Elizabeth Pilcher, September 24, 1812. Wm. Stafford, J. P.
18. Aaron Rozier to Maryann King, October 14, 1812. Wm. Stafford. J. P.
19. John Atkinson to Elizabeth Alizer, March 9, 1813. A. McDonald, M. G.
20. John R. Kemp to Rebecca Pilcher, March 26, 1813. Wm. Stafford, J. P.
21. Ignatius Grantham to Catherine Sheffield, October 9, 1810. Moses Harrison, J. P.
22. John Hendrix to Elizabeth Hollen, August 2, 1813. Anguish McDonald, M. G.
23. William Munden to Sarah Howell, September 2, 1813. Wm. Stafford, J. P.
24. Samuel Eigle to Dorcas Pilcher, February 26, 1814. Louis Myers, M. G.
25. John Jacobs to Kisiah Walker, April 29, 1815. E. Morgan, J. P.
26. James M. White to Sarah Dryden, July, 1815. James Hutto, M. G.
27. John J. North to Mary Crows, March 8, 1816. James D. Prevatt, J. P.
28. Solomon Roberson to Nancy Herrin, September 6, 1818. Pliney Sheffield, J. P.
29. Wm. T. Douglas to Jemima Stewart, October 2, 1818. Shadrach Jacobs, J. P.
30. Rev. James Hutto to Nancy Fort, November 22, 1818. Anguish McDonald, M. G.
31. Sampson Altman to Sarah Jay (.or Joy), April 9, 1819. Shadrach Jacobs, J. P.
32. Benj. Moody and Sarah Freeman, November 13, 1820. A. McDonald, J. I. C.
33. Sampson Altman to Fannie Liveritt, November 6, 1819. Frederick Bryan, J. P.
34. James Yate to Anna Priggin, November 2, 18 20. L. Bryan, J. P.
35. John Sandel to Nancy Gibson, June 29, 1820. John Kemp, J. I. C.
36. Wm. Underwood to Martha Mobley, July 26, 1820. Richard Liveritt, J. P.
37. Malachi Harper to Elizabeth Smith, August 21, 1820. Richard Liverett, J. P.
38. John Hatcher to Jane Amanda Stafford, Jan. 23, 1821. James Hutto, M. G.
39. Elijah R. Tucker to Mary Ann Bryant, September 6, 1821. F. Bryan, J. P.
40. Aaron Strickland to Martha Harper, March 27, 1822. E. R. Tucker. J. I. C.
41. John Cason to Sarah Gillet, Jan. 19, 1822. Pliney Sheffield, J. P.
42. Thomas Cribbs to Frances Townsend, March 24, 1822. Pliney Sheffield, J. P.
43. John Gillet to Elizabeth Stewart, November 25, 1822. P. Sheffield, J. P.
44. David Jarret to Milly Dryden. No date. P. Sheffield, J. P. License issued October 25, 1821. Recorded August 1st, 1822.
45. Thomas Owens to Mary Cooper, May 7, 1820. P. Sheffield, J. P.
46. John Moseley to Nancy Stewart. No date. P. Sheffield, J. P. License issued October 26, 1820. Recorded—no date.
47. Charles McKennie to Elizabeth Kelly, June 15, 1822. P. Sheffield, J. P.
48. Lemue Burroughs to Ann Altman, July 25, 1822. P. Sheffield, J. P.
49. John O'Neal to Margaret Joyner, July 19, 1822. William Stafford, J. P.
50. Stephen C. King to Mary E. G. Fort, January 1st, 1823. A. McDonald, M. G.
51. Williba Minchew to Ann Hogans, May 7, 1823. F. Bryan, J. P.
52. Frederick Robson (Robeson) to Margaret Hopps, December 1st, 1823. John Fort, J. L C.
53. Wm. B. Munden to Absley Cooper, February 26, 1824. Sherod Sheffield, J. P.
53. Anderson Gillett to Sarah Morgan, May 13, 1824. Shadrach Jacobs, J. P.
54. Wm. P. Denison to Anna Fullwood, August 12, 1824. Lemuel Burroughs, J. P.
55. Samuel B. Morgan to Kesiah Jacobs, August 19, 1824. Jabez Dowling, J. P.
56. Elias Walker to Elizabeth Morgan, August 19, 1824. Jabez Dowling, J. P.
57. James Ratcliff to Mary Helveston, November 2, 1824. Chas. McClellan, L. D., M. E. C.
58. James Snowdon to Frances Townsend, November 4, 1824. No officiating officer named.
59. Joseph Manning to Dolly Rozier, February 3, 1825. Chas. McClellan, L. D. M. E. C.
60. William Hare to Rutha Etheridge, December 5, 1824. L. Burroughs, J. P.
61. Archibald Hogan to Elizabeth Roberts, July 30, 1832. Jas. Strickland, J. P.
62. Job Freeman to Rebecca Rawls, October 8, 1823. James Strickland, J. P.
63. Elisha Walker to Elizabeth Rawls, June 14, 1823. James Strickland, J. P.
64. Henry R. Russell to Caroline C. H. Hardee, January 20, 1825. Horace S. Pratt, M. G.
65. Warren Moore to Rebecca Johns, February 27, 1825. John Stewart, J. P.
66. William Stafford to Alep Walker, February 9, 1825. Jesse Moody, J. I. C.
67. Vincent Tanner to Winnie Gardner, March 20, 1825. F. Bryan, J. P.
68. Thomas Fulwood to Mary Harrigan, September 4, 1825. Wm. Drawdy, J. P.
69. George Gillett to Tempy Hull (or Hall), December 15, 1825. No officiating officer named.
70. Stephen Bugg to Martha Revells, November 26, 1825. Wm. Drawdy, J. P.
71. Henry Raulerson to Nancy Gibson, February 20, 1826. James Robson, J. P.
72. Jacob Highsmith, Jr., to Elizabeth Ammons, March 27, 1826. Jesse Lewis, J. I. C.
73. Allen Geiger to Abagail Riggs, June 17, 1826. Wm. Drawdy, J. P.
74. Wm. Hare to Mary Ivey, October 7, 1826. C. Burnett, J. P.
75. Samuel Pearson to Sidney Raulerson, January 14, 1827. Wm. H. Keen, J. I. C.
76. John W. Turner to Mary Ann Kemp (Mrs.), February 4, 1827. James Robson, J. P.
77. George W. McDonald of McIntosh County to Mary Stafford. No date. James Roberson, J. P. Issued March 28, 1827.
78. Joseph Mills of Camden Co. to Elizabeth McClellan, December 28, 1826. Pliny Sheffield, J. P.
79. Elijah Townsend to Louisa Harris, May 10, 1827. Warren Moore, J. P.
80. James Herrin to Mary Rooks, June 10, 1827. P. Sheffield, J. I. C.
81. Ebenezer Harris to Martha Purdom, August 8. 1827. Jas. Robson, J. P.
82. Seaborn Harris to Miss Mary Harris, July 17, 1827. Jonathan Knight, J. P.
83. Levi J. Knight to Ann D. Herirn, November 14, 1827. Jonathan Knight, J. P.
84. Edmund Liles to Hester Sallens, December 20, 18 27. Jesse Lewis, J. I. C.
85. James Hogans to Susan Chancey, January 2, 1828. R. B. Wilson, Clerk C. O.
86. John Kelly to Nancy Ammons, January 21, 1828. Jesse Lewis, J. I. C.
87. Boling Boon to Mary E. Kemp, January 10, 1828. Wm. Stafford, J. P.
88. James A. Strickland to Luvina Harper, April 3, 18 2 8. Wm. Stafford, J. P.
89. John Thompson to Polly Townsend, April 2 7, 1828. Jesse Lewis, J. I. C.
90. James Johns to Kesiah Kelly, May 17, 18 2 8. Epriam Morgan, J. P.
91. Jacob Raulerson to Mrs. Catherine (Courtney) Stewart, September 8, 1828, by Robert Howe, J. P.
92. William Cason to Susan Smith, December 11, 1828. Wm. Drawdy, J. P.
93. Joel Griffis to Elizabeth Carter, June 5, 1828. Abraham Knight, J. P.
94. Jeremiah Moody to Catherine Gardner, July 5, 1829. James Strickland, J. I. C.
95. Wm. Highsmith to Chloe Robson (Mrs. Robeson), November 26, 1829. Jas. Highsmith, J. P.
96. James Thomas Robson to Sarah Gibson, November 23, 1829. Thos. J Knight, J. P.
97. John Brown to Mrs. Margaret Robson, December 23, 1829. Abr. Knight, J. P.
98. Allen Highsmith to Elizabeth Knox, Jan. 14 1830. James Highsmith, J. P.
99. Millington Smith to Ella Raulerson, March 31, 1830. John Fort. Jr., J. I. C.
100. James Smith to Mary Metes, July 28, 1830. William Drawdy, J. P.
101. Samuel Bryan to Georgia Ann Monden, August 5, 1830. F. Bryan, J. P.
102. James Harper, Jr., to Elinor Strickland, August 8, 1830. Jas. Strickland, J. I. C.
103. Joseph McClellan to Martha Broadwurg, September 21, 1830. Wm. H. Mabry, M. G.
104. Robert Stafford to Martha Ratcliff, December 24, 1830. Jos. Wiggins, J. I. C.
105. Whitten Cain to Ann Burney, March 10, 1831. Robt. Moody, J. P.
106. Lewis Pendarvis to Ann Strickland. No date. James Strickland, J. I. C. Issued April 11, 1831. Recorded May 30, 1831.
107. Moses Hatcher to Rachel Knight, May 5, 1831. Jos. Wiggins, J. I. C.
108. Jacob Ligghtsey to Mary Hires, November 26 (March), 1831. Jas. Strickland, J. I. C.
109. John Gibson, Jr., to Martha Parrott, October 6, 1831. F. Bryan, J. P.
110. Uriah Joyner to Hester Ann Pendarvis, October 11, 1831. Thos. J. Knight, J. P.
111. John Davis to Sabra Taylor, December 17, 1831. Ephriam Morgan. J. P.
112. John Summerlin to Rebecca Thomas, December 26, 1831. Wm. Drawdy, J. P.
113. Martin Manning to Elizabeth Flowers, January 5, 1832. John Fort, Jr., J. I. C.
114. Caleb Pendarvis to Elizabeth Joyner, January 11, 1832. Wm. Drawdy, J. P.
115. George Kelly to Rebecca Altman, February 2, 1832. Harley Jones, J. P.
116. Thomas D. Liles to Deborah Gardner, March 19, 1832. F. Bryan, J. P.
117. Nathaniel Nobles to Celia Walker, April 30, 1832. E. Morgan, J. P.
118. Wiley Bennett to Matilda Robeson, July 8, 1832. John Brown, J. P.
119. John Cooper to Nancy Manning, July 5, 1832. John Fort, Jr., J. I. C.
120. Mordacai Jones to Lydia Wainwright, July 23, 1832. Jos. Wiggins, J. I. C.
121. Shadrack Newmans to Polly Nobles, August 23, 1832. Jos. Wiggins, J. I. C.
122. Reubin Strickland to Ann Joyner, September 19, 1832. Benj. Leggett, J. I. C. A. C.
123. Luke Summerlin to Rebecca Summerlin, November 12, 1832. Wm. Drawdy, J. P.
124. John Knox to Mary Purdom, January 24, 1833. Jos. Wiggins, J. I. C.
125. Latnez Parrott to Jane Gibson, April 25, 1833. Moses S. Harris, J. I. C.
126. Braxton Bennett to Martha Hopps, May 27, 1833. Moses S. Harris, J. I. C.
127. Shadrach Newmans to Ann Matthews, 1st August, 1833. John Fort, Jr., J. I. C.
128 Daniel Herrin to Mahala Kelly, 17th August, 1833. Willoby Cooper, J. P. 335 Dist.
129. Edward Sholer to Mrs. Mary Smith, August 15, 1833. Wm. Drawdy, J. P.
130. Lemuel Burroughs to Margaret Elizabeth Smith, August 25, 1833. Wm. Drawdy, J. P.
131. Lewis Ryals to Mrs. Susan Burney, October 2, 1833. James Strickland, J. P.
132. Daniel Summerlin to Elsey Tatum, September 19, 18 33. Wm. Drawdy, J. P.
133. James Drawdy to Elizabeth Harper, October 3, 1833. Moses S. Harris, J. I. C.
134. Lewis Cherrytree Pendarvis to Sarah Ann Leverett, November 15, 1833, by James Strickland, J. P.
135. James Stafford to Martha Bryant, November 19, 1833. Moses S. Harris, J. L C.
136. Isaac Highsmith to Elizabeth Purdom, December 26, 1833. Jesse Lewis, J. P.
137. Nathan Gardner to Mary Tanner, December 12, 1833. M. S. Harris, J. I. C.
138. John Brown to Mary E. Lyles, February 20, 1834. M. S. Harris, J. L C.
139. John Manning to Mary A. Burney, May 8, 1834. Francis Harrison, J. P.
140. Wm. Summerlin to Maria Summerlin, August 23, 1834. William Drawdy, J. P.
141. Hiram Rooks to Mary Head, December 25, 1834. Jesse Lewis, J. P.
142. John Parrott to Fatima Gibson, January 15, 1835. Francis Harrison, J. P.
143. Henry W. Turner to Martha O'Neal, February 18, 1835. Hardy Wooly, M. G.
144. Sherod S. Akins to Elizabeth Kemp, June 24, 1835. John C. Carter, M. G.
145. Wm. Manning to Elizabeth Beasley, August 15, 1835. Francis Harrison, J. P.
146. Frederick Youmans to Mrs. Sarah Summerlin, Jan. 7, 1836. M. S. Harris, J. I. C.
147. Ferderick Bryant to Mildred Liles, 4th February, 1830. Moses S. Harris, J. I. C.
148. Benj. Merritt to Unity Bugg, July 3, 1836. Robert Howe, Clerk C. O.
149. John Amnions, Jr., to Eudiey Lewis, September 1, 1836. James Highsmith, J. P.
150. John Patrick to Eliza Robertson, August 2, 1836. John Brown, J. P.
151. William Riley Causey to Harriet Roberson, March 1, 1837. Francis Harrison, J. P.
152. John Cooper to Louisa Wainwright, Dec. 19, 1839. Allen Highsmith, J. P.
153. Burwell Stokes to Lovey Altman. No date. Thomas Albritton, J. P. Issued September 22, 1838.
154. Thomas R. Ellis to Martha Harper, December 23, 1841. Joel Hutson, J. I. C.
155. James Harper to Sarah Ellis, December 23, 1841. Joel Hutson, J. I. C.
156. William Cason to Patience Ryals, December 25, 1841. Joel Hutson, J. L C.
157. Absalom Causey to Jemima Ammons, April 7, 1842. R. Hair, J. P.
158. Jonathan Williams to Mary Manning, March 3, 1843.
159. William C. Liles to Eliza Tuten, December 4, 1841. Joel Hutson, J. I. C.
160. Lewis Crews to Jency Rose, December 25, 1843. James Dowling, J. P.
161. William Manning to Mariah Head, December 26, 1844. Francis Harrison, J. P.
162. James Keen to Martha Campbell, October 15, 1846. James Highsmith, J. P.
163. Christopher Chancey to Nancy Raulerson, Jan. 21, 1846. Wm. Drawdy, J. P.
164. Henry W. Ratcliff to Ann M. Holden, August 5, 1847. James Highsmith, J. P.
165. Joseph Manning to Mrs. Rebecca Rumph, March 2, 1849. Francis Harrison, J. P.
166. John B. Stewart to Mary Causey. Date not given. James Highsmith, J. P. Issued November 24, 1847.
167. William H. Lewis to Elizabeth Harris, December 22. 1847. Thos. Greene, M. G.
168. John Matthews to Elizabeth Hickox, January 30, 1847. Thomas Greene, M. G.
169. Simon Smith to Dorcas Warner, January 29, 1846. Allen Highsmith, J. P.
170. John Gill to Maria Purdom, February 29, 1848. James Highsmith, J. P.
171. James Grantham to Menidia Ann Judson, May 6, 1849. James Drawdy, J. P.
172. Isaac Odum to Elizabeth Warner, September 13, 1849. Thomas Greene, Baptist M. G.
173. John Crews to Sabra Dowling, November 29, 1849. William Brown, J. P.
174. John Harris to Lucinda Lewis, December 13, 1849. Thomas Greene, M. G.
175. Samuel Highsmith to Mary Jane Willis, December 27, 1849. Thomas Greene, M. G.
176. William Lewis to Francis Barber, December 27, 1849. Walter Youles, J. P.
177. Claiborn Harrold to Lucretia Highsmith, February 14, 1850. Willy Knox, J. P.
178. John Ashley Wainwright to Bethsheba McClellan, February 24, 1850. Willy Knox, J. P.
179. Allen Roberson to Elizabeth Kelly, July 4, 1850. James B. Lewis, J. L C.
180. Frances Crews to Sarah Ann Johns, October 3, 1850. Allen Highsmith, J. P.
181. Bartley Crews to Mary Elizabeth Johns, October 3, 1850. Allen Highsmith, J. P.
182. William Roberts to Needone Roddenberry. No date. Benj. Dulony, M. E. C. M. G. Issued September 4, 1812.

Licenses Issued from Court Ordinary Wayne County 1809 TO 1850, For which no return of Officiating Officer or Minister Appears.

(The following list of 63 licenses is given, although no return was made. But it must be borne in mind that the country was wild in those days, lurking Indians and no roads made traveling to the county-site dangerous and difficult, and it is very probable that practically all of the following licenses were executed and the parties married, but no returns were made. It is known to be a fact that some of those named below were married, which leads to the conclusion that others were duly married. (All women's names in these licenses bore the prefix "Miss," unless otherwise stated).

Michael Clements to Miss Ann Munden, August 31, 1809.
John Summerlin to Susannah Hogan, December 21, 1809.
Thomas Purdom to Marian Pearson, September 15, 1810.
James Harper to Mary Smith, October 31, 1811.
John Lyons to Mary Whitten, January 29, 1812.
John O'Neal to Hester Collier, March 31, 1812.
Moses Eurgess to Mary Mixon, April 30, 1812.
John Wiley to Elizabeth Driggers, May 14, 1812.
Henry Branch to Ann O'Steen, September 9, 1812.
Wm. Hunter to Catherine Roberts, September 23, 1812.
Richard Hopps to Margaret Gibson, November 30, 1812.
David Burrey to Susannah Gibson, July 4, 1813.
Moses Harris of Glynn Co. to Mildred Sarrone, October 4, 1813.
Joseph Stafford to Argent O'Steen, October 4, 1813.
Stephen Bugg to Elizabeth Nunds, March 29, 1814.
Mashak Burney to Harriet Pilcher, July, 1815.
Wm. O'Neal to Mary Joyner, December 6, 1815.
James B. Stewart to Courtney Keightly, June 19, 1816.
Ezekiel O'Steen to Leah Prevatt, December 24, 1816.
James Strickland to Elender Smith, January 8, 1817.
Willoby Cooper to Polly Walter January 28, 1817.
Andrew N. Johnson to Mary Rawls, September 6, 1817.
Capt. Thomas O'Neal to Sibbiah Stafford, September 23, 1817.
Chesley Boatright to Rachel Geiger, July 16, 1818.
John Hogans to Penelope Roberts, October 4, 1818.
James C. Lewis to Rebecca Woodcock, February 2, 1819.
Isbin Giddens to Kesiah Knight, April 7, 1819.
David E. Kemp to Elizabeth Mondon, April 20, 1819.
William Warner to Sarah Amnions, July 5, 1819.
Nimrod Raulerson to Sarah Dukes, April 22, 1820.
Thomas Owens to Mary Cooper, May 5, 1820.
Peter McKellar to Jane Gibson, July 3, 1820.
Richard Bennett to Rebeca Boatright, July 20, 1820.
John Moseley to Nancy Stewart. No date.
John L. Stewart to Lenora Bryan of Appling Co., January 11, 1821.
Thomas Vickery to Mary Cooper, April 20, 1821.
Jabez Dowling to Honor Eliza Davis, April 8, 1822.
George W. Walthour to Mary Ann Amelia Russell, January 7, 1823.
Elisha Walker to Elizabeth Rawls, June 11, 1823.
Archibald Hogan to Zilpha Roberts, July 28, 1824.
Joel Freeman to Mrs. Elizabeth Gillett. No date.
Samuel Pearson to Elizabeth Cooper, December 24, 1823.
Edward W. Russell to Miss May, April 22, 1824.
Jeremiah Johns to Maryann McClellan, October 4, 1824.
Coatsy R. Deunison to Mary Mobley, November 23, 1824.
Charles Smith to Eliza Strickland, December 27, 1824.
John M. Geiger to Amy Joyner, January 4, 1825.
Aaron Tison of Glynn Co. to Louisa J. Del, January 16, 1825.
Jacob Carter to Elizabeth Chancey, February 25, 1825.
John Smith to Mary Carter, November 28, 1825.
Richard Liverett to Fannie Hagans, February 4, 1825.
Millington Smith to Ellender Roberson, December 15, 1827.
Job Manning to Maridy Hair, August 14, 1828.
State Lewis to Ann Franklin, December 16, 1831.
John Thomas to Mrs. Sarah Franklin, November 5, 1836.
James B. Lewis to Lettie McCool, no date.
James Manning to Rebecca Harper, January 8, 1838.
Daniel Herrin to Jemima Amnions, January, 1838.
Absalom Causey to Lovey Kelly, 1838.
Albert Clark to Jane A. Hatcher, October, 1840.
Lewis W. Bryan to Mrs. Mary T. Harris, December 26, 1842.
Seaborn J. Childs to Martha Wiggins, December 26, 1842.
John Hull to Martha King, November 22, 1849.
George Gillett to Elizabeth Morgan, June 19, 1824. "There being an objection, the above named George Gillett and Miss Elizabeth Morgan were not joined in their nuptials and said license was returned. This 19th August, 1824.

Source: South Georgia Historical and Genealogical Quarterly, 1922

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